Sell Your Home – We’ll Buy It!

Looking to sell your home and not go through the hassle of a middle-man? Diamond King Development Group buys homes. What makes DKDG unique is that we are the actual buyer. We are looking to buy more homes as-is- meaning in the current state! DKDG will work directly with you so there is full transparency and you get to have more control over specified closing price and flexibility with move-out dates.
Contact us today to learn more about selling your home. Here’s why you should sell your home to
Diamond King Development Group:

All negotiations are
handled directly since we
are the buyer.

We’ll buy your home in the
current condition- no need
to upgrade or remodel.

All closing specs and move
out dates are specified by
the seller.

DKDG is Seeking New Properties

We are the actual buyer which means no confusing wholesale assignment agreements or expensive real estate fees when you work directly with us! Here are some of the benefits we offer to prospective sellers:

  • No real estate commissions or fees to the seller.
  • Fast closings, often within one week.
  • Properties purchased AS-IS; no seller cleaning or repairs.
  • Seller sets the closing date.
  • Work directly with the end buyer; no middleman.

Fill out the form below and one of our purchasing representatives will contact you to discuss your property. For a faster response, call us today: (623)-266-3700

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